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Candoco Interview Stine Nilsen

Candoco Dance Company took to the road once again this past April with their new touring triple bill entitled ‘Renditions’ with continued touring ever since.

As triple bills go this is about an eclectic mix as you are likely to find in the wacky world of dance. Featuring ‘In Translation’ from Israeli dancesmith Emanuel Gat, ‘Imperfect Storm’ created by dance/theatre bod Wendy Houstoun and finally ‘The Hangman’ crafted by the lesser known (to these shores at least) Sarah Michelson.

If we could sum these collective works up in the simplest terms how would we do it? Well, this ‘aint Richard Alston, that much is certain, so if you’re looking for something fresh and challenging then make your way to a live show.

The company say this much about ‘Renditions’;

“Candoco Dance Company presents three varied new works that show audiences in one evening everything that dance can be. Visually striking, intensely physical, but with great theatrical humour the evening is spectacularly entertaining and full of artistic flair.”

Our video features include an excerpt from ‘In Translation’ by Mr Gat. An interview with one of the company’s artistic directors (they have two) Stine Nilsen, where she discusses what being an inclusive dance company means, funding issues and much more. We also have an interview with two of the company’s dancers, Vicky Malin and Dan Daw.

The interviews also include footage from the three works.

‘Renditions’ is performed by Annie Hanauer, Bettina Carpi, Vicky Malin, Dan Daw, Chris Owen, Darren Anderson and Ellie Baker.

The work continues touring through the end of this year and into next with international dates in the pipeline. More touring information on the company’s website.

Performance filmed at the Riley Theatre in Leeds on October 16th 2010

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