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Stop Laughing At The Back!

Sadler’s Wells Theatre makes it back into the headlines, well here at least, after it was discovered they have the “best dance video on the web”! Seriously? Our editor laughed so hard he fell of his chair and broke a hip!

The London theatre is apparently not content with declaring that it “is dance” (whatever that means) they have universally declared that their online video material surpasses all others. Apparently it’s someone’s job to just sit around in that building and make sh*t up! (isn’t that our job? Ed!)

Here in TheLab™ we can only imagine that the onscreen graphic, culled from and shown above, was written by the same marketing type that came up with the “is dance” nonsense. It sounds good in your head but when you say it out loud small children point at you and giggle.

It would appear that if you want to watch the “best dance video on the web” then said video must include Mathew Bourne, Akram Khan, William Forsythe, Christopher “man-child” Wheeldon or that bloke from the Royal Ballet who wears funny hats.

We’re assuming that “The Wells” is splashing out using some of the £700,000 in sustain funding they needed from ACE because they’re either a bit crap or all the rich people who used to give them money are now learning about the business end of a can opener.

A word to the wise, instead of splashing out on the ludicrously expensive Brightcove platform (the one they are using to show the video) you could have used a myriad of free(ish) options like Vimeo for $60.

The brightest minds, the most learned thinkers, none of them working at Sadler’s Wells apparently!

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