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Big Dance Low Key

You may or may not have noticed that the past week from 15th July to the 23rd of July was Big Dance Week or whatever Arts Council England were calling this colossal PR exercise that was almost certainly a waste of time “week-long, England-wide celebration of dance. Everyone is invited to take part in a huge range of fun and unusual dance events.”

One of the main reasons for this event was of course to try and get ‘everybody dancing’ or at least give a thinly veiled impression that that is what was happening.

This of course involved people ‘dancing in the streets’ so the rest of the public could see them and, if we lived in the Fame movie, they would all spontaneously join in, the world would be a happier place and small children would run through the streets carrying flowers on sticks (eh?…… Ed!)

The BBC, never ones to miss the opportunity to milk a bad idea, were co-sponsors of this event replete with a TV show featuring Bruce Forsythe. We didn’t see the show because we don’t watch television here in The Lab™.

One ‘achievement’ of this event was to break the world record for the most number of people simultaneously taking part in a single dance class, and if you can’t believe there was such a record to be broken then clearly you don’t spend enough time watching Discovery Channel!

Just in-case you care, the record was broken.

Article19 didn’t cover the event because we forgot it was actually on and for that we humbly apologise. has a photo gallery with numerous stunning images presented in a format that would make Flickr lie down and cry like a baby*, or there is a website made by ACE at the link below which is still under the impression that event is ‘going’ to happen!

[ Big Dance Website ]