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bgroup ‘The Lessening of Difference’

Choreographer Ben Wright’s company bgroup have been quietly moving their way around the dance world for a few years now, creating and touring intricately crafted pieces of dance theatre for all the world to see.

‘The Lessening of Difference’ covers all the bases with dance making, acting, singing, projection and snow provided courtesy of no less than 9 snow machines. Any similarity to the ‘Nutcracker’ should be immediately purged from your mind however.

The company say this much about the work;

“…. a powerful exploration of intimacy. The lessening of difference once again exemplifies Wright’s interest in imagery that moves from the personal and particular to the universal. With written material by author David Charles Manners,lighting design by Guy Hoare, video projection design by Dick Straker, costume design by Theo Clinkard, and sound design by Alan Stones, Wright and his quartet of exceptional dancers invite you to join them in snowfall and surrender to the wonder of it all.”

Our feature brings you material from the work and an interview with Ben Wright where he discusses the meaning of dance theatre, the creative process and just why he makes his works so complex all the time.

Full touring details are available on the company website.

‘The Lessening of Difference’ is performed by Anna Bjerre Larsen, Keir Patrick, Lise Manavit and Nuno Silva with choreography and direction by Ben Wright and sound design by Alan Stones.

This performance was filmed on November 19, 2011 at the Riley Theatre in Leeds. Video brought to you with the support, in part, of Arts Council England.

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