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bgroup ‘Just As We Are’

When last we saw bgroup they were performing their own curious mix of dance and theatre with ‘The Lessening of Difference’ that all ended with a massive snowball fight. This time the company are on stage with a very different, although no less curious, work called ‘Just As We Are’.

In many way the work, choreographed and directed by AD Ben Wright, defies description because “JAWA” (as we like to call it because nothing makes us smile more than a weird Star Wars reference) is three short works presented as a single piece with each of the sections broken down into ‘one of us’, ‘two of us’ and ‘all of us’.

To get it you really have to see it live!

bgroup say this much;

Well, actually they don’t say much at all because as far as we could find this work has no press blurb to go with it. Long may that trend continue

In our interview with Ben Wright and company dancer Lise Manavit we discuss the piece in depth and Mr Wright tells us about the difficulties of touring the small-sclae circuit when one of your dancers suffers a catastrophic injury on stage.

At the moment ‘Just As We Are’ is sleeping so no current touring but keep an eye on the website for future performance dates from the company.

The work is performed by Allison Ahl, Lise Manavit, Robert Clarke, Michael Barnes and Andrew Gardiner with choreography and direction by Ben Wright.

Filmed at The Riley Theatre in Leeds on April 26th and 27th 2013.

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