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Batsheva ‘Horra’

Back in the day Ohad Naharin was responsible for creating one of our favourite pieces of dance, that piece of dance being ‘Axioma 7’ performed by Rambert when Christopher Bruce was in charge.

These days Mr Naharin is the AD of Batsheva in Israel and ‘Horra’ is a very different kind of work. What we have here are a dozen or so dancers trapped in a green space from which there is no escape.

We also have one of the weirdest collections of music ever heard and that’s saying something in the wacky world of contemporary dance.

The company say this much;

“Horra is performed by 11 dancers who are always on stage, always present, always available. Their rich movements encounter a tantalizing soundtrack arranged and performed by pioneering synthesizer musician Isao Tomita. In Horra, Naharin and his dancers present a sequence of climaxes with almost no rest in between.”

‘Horra’ is performed by Shachar Biniamini, Iyar Elezra, Shani Garfinkel, Chen-Wei Lee, Ori Ofri, Rachael Osborne, Shamel Pitts, Guy Shomroni, Bobbi Smith, Adi Zlatin, Matan David with choreography by Ohad Naharin.

Performance filmed at Bærum Kulturhus, Oslo, Norway on October 17th 2011. Video brought to you with the support, in part, of Arts Council England and Coda Oslo International Dance Festival.

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