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ACE Dance and Music ‘Mana’

Birmingham based ACE Dance and Music are back in the touring fray with a couple of new works by Vincent Mantsoe working with company director Gail Parmel (‘Mana’) and José Agudo with ‘A Thousand Shepherds’ both of which are set to a good deal of original music by Vincenzo Lamagna and Andy Garbi.

Both works are best described, by us at least, as relentless because once they start they don’t stop and nobody leaves the stage giving the audience with a good hour of choreography to eat up.

The company say this much;

“Watch exceptional dancers express soul, energy and precision to a stunning backdrop of commissioned music and cutting-edge lighting design, with movement styles drawing from Afro-fusion, Martial Arts techniques, the essence of Flamenco and Ballet.

A Thousand Shepherds: Spanish choreographer José Agudo creates ‘A Thousands Shepherds’, an energetic celebration of discipline and dedication, inspired by spiritual traditions and ritual.

Mana(same name as double-bill): South African Choreographer Vincent Mantsoe will take you back to ancient times, evoking the spirit and earthy ambience of African dance and Shaman traditions.”

The company are to be found on tour throughout the UK over the coming months so check their website for details and go catch the works in the flesh.

‘Mana’ is performed by Rudi Cole, Yukiko Masui, Sophia Preidel, Julia Robert, Iona Waite, Jerome Wilks, Tiffany Bell, Shante Liburd with choreography by Vincent Mantsoe, José Agudo and Gail Parmel.

Filmed at The Mac in Birmingham on November 7th 2013.

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