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ACE Dance and Music ‘Listen’

ACE Dance and Music return to Article19 with their brand new touring works ‘Switch’ created by the in house AD Gail Parmel and the company’s dancers and ‘Listen’ crafted by Douglas Thorpe of Mad Dog’s fame.

What we have here is a striking mix of well crafted movement and some animated background visuals that really do work without causing the poor audience to seek medical treatment upon leaving the theatre.

Each work covers a very different theme from the pure movement aesthetic of ‘Switch’ [Video 1] to the effects of conflict on the human mind in ‘Listen’ [Video 2].

The company says of these works;

“Switch draws inspiration from ancient practices and their relevance to our lives now. Dancing from the heart, ACE will pull energy from its oldest, purest source and transform it into something fresh, new and pulsating – flipping on its head the notion of tradition and the ancient.

Set in a black and white space, this is an exciting new collaborative work by ACE’s directors Gail and Ian Parmel with choreographers Douglas Thorpe (ex Phoenix Dance Company) and Andile Sotiya. Switch promises to be an exciting blend of sophisticated dance, music and visuals, accompanied by a robust and agile cast of six international and UK based dancers.”

‘Switch’ bows next at The Civic Theatre, Barnsley on the 16th and 17th of October and continues touring nationally for some time. Check the company’s website for more details.

Dancers: Sade Alleyne, Anna Finkel, Theo Lowe, Yu Yu Rau, Stephen Wright, Elena Zaino and Laura Vanhulle. Music by Ian Parmel with Peter Maxwell, Junior Wollocks and Benjamin George.

[ ACE Company Website ]