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2Faced Dance Company ‘Still Breathing’

We have seen, many times, an attempt to fuse together street/break dancing and contemporary work into a recognisable show. Most of the time it fails for one reason or another, has 2Faced Dance figured out the magic formula?

The all male dance company, helmed by Tamsin Fitzgerald, has brought ‘Still Breathing’ to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Zoo Southside, competing with DanceBase and the Traverse for the home of dance shows in Edinburgh, is the venue for the show.
2Faced began ten years ago with professional status coming along in 2004 and true to their claim ‘Still Breathing’ is a mix of forms and we have to say, here in TheLab™, that it works a lot better than most, mainly because the dancers are top drawer.

Also on the “Spooky but True” front; The company is based in Hereford, England, the home of the SAS! Coincidence?

They say of this work;

“STILL BREATHING will break new ground for visceral contemporary dance company 2FaCeD DaNcE and pioneering Artistic Director Tamsin Fitzgerald, whose original juxtaposition of contemporary and street dance has won acclaim across the nation.
Playing Edinburgh’s top dance venue at Zoo Southside from 7th-31st August 2009, the show is sharper, sexier and more soulful show than ever before, promising new heights for the company’s legacy of critically acclaimed Edinburgh sell-outs.”

Dancers: Johnny Autin, Nathan French, Dan Lowenstein, Mathew Chambers, Taylor Benjamin, Robby Graham and Jake Nwongu

‘Still Breathing’ is running at the Zoo Southside in Edinburgh until August 31st then touring around the country. Check the company’s website for details.

[ 2Faced Website ]