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2Faced Dance Company ‘From Above’

The latest works from 2Faced Dance Company feature a triple bill from three female dance makers. ‘From Above’ by the company AD Tamsin Fitzgerald, ‘Fallen Angel’ by Lenka Vagnerova and ‘The Other’ by Rebecca Evans combined into a tour called ‘RUN’.

A gritty and explosive triple bill from the award winning and physically adventurous 2Faced Dance Company. Featuring three exhilarating commissions by world class choreographers Tamsin Fitzgerald, Lenka Vagnerova and newcomer Rebecca Evans, RUN explores the darker side of humanity, through an explosion of movement, theatre and design.

RUN features an all-male company of dancers and three unique and beautiful works from choreographers Tamsin Fitzgerald, Rebecca Evans and Lenka Vagnerova. Each piece looks at notions of fear and our responses to fear.

Tamsin Fitzgerald, Artistic Director of 2Faced Dance Company, presents From Above. This spectacular work investigates the social consciousness and our ability (or inability) to stand up for our own beliefs.

Rebecca Evans has masterfully created a duet that is danced with the involvement of beautiful digital lights in her piece, The Other. Her piece takes inspiration from old horror movies and looks at fear and our responses to it.

Czech choreographer Lenka Vagnerova ends the evening with a stunning work entitled Fallen Angels. Emotive, evocative and enticing this piece looks at the mythology surrounding fallen angels and the idea that, cast out from the heavens, they now move around us.

We feature an interview with company dancer Luoise Parker-Evans as well as material from all three works. ‘Run’ is currently on tour in the UK, check the company website for more details. Dancers Jason Boyle, Jack Humphrey, Louis Parker-Evans, Kai Tomioka and Ed Warner.

Filmed at The Cast Theatre, Doncaster, March 14 2017.

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