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2Faced Dance Company ‘7.0’

At no point in this intro will we use the phrases “high octane”, “high powered”, “visceral” or “Keyser Söze”…… not that we would use the last one anyway but still. We, here in the TheLab™ and, probably, 2Faced Dance Company are a bit tired of such phrases.

So, the Hereford based company took to the stage again at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, that ended last week, for a mammoth three week stint performing their triple bill ‘Into The Dust’.

Unusually for 2Faced they brought a triple bill of rep work from three dance makers. First up we have ‘Subterrania’ by Tom Dale, ‘Politicking Oath’ by Freddi Opoku-Addaie and ‘7.0’ by the company’s AD and founder Tamsin Fitzgerlad.

In our interview with Ms Fitzgerald she explains that the company is moving on, slowly but surely, from the their hip-hop/breakdancing roots into a more contemporary dance sphere of operations.

The company isn’t breaking the ties completely (ho ho ho! Ed!), which you can see in the videos above, but compared to the last work we featured, ‘Still Breathing’, the balance is certainly shifting.

They say this much about the work;

“After the success of 2Faced’s last Edinburgh production ‘Still Breathing’ – a bold stride forward in the company’s innovative fusion of adrenalin fuelled breakdance and contemporary’s grace and agility. The awardwinning Fitzgerald was keen to collaborate with other up-and-coming, critically-acclaimed choreographers who share her desire to challenge stylistic genres and boundaries. Dale is a nationally renowned dance artist whose “edgy work takes the temperature of Britain” (Guardian), while 2011 Place Prize finalist Opoku-Addaie is choreographer in residence at the Royal Opera House, London”

Catching the work live should be very easy as the company have an extensive Autumn tour in the works, you can get further details from their website.

‘In The Dust’ is performed by Johnny Autin, Mathew Chambers, Nathan French, Luke Jessop, Dan Lowenstein, Jake Nwogu, Hugh Stanier and Lewis Wilkins with choreography by Tom Dale, Freddie Opoku-Addaie and Tamsin Fitzgerald.

Performance recorded at Zoo Southside, Edinburgh, Scotland on August 24th 2011.

[ Company Website ]

This video feature was funded in part by Arts Council England.