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Intensive Workshop in Klein Technique™, Taught by Susan Klein at Arlequi (Spain) 30 July-3 August 2018

This course will be a Residential Intensive Workshop in Klein Technique™ taught by Susan Klein, founder and developer of Klein Technique™, in the countryside of Spain at the beautiful and magical space of Arlequi. This will be a working vacation in that we will have 20 hours of formal class time and equally important informal time to work, relax and rejuvenate, while focusing on our bodies, feeding our body, mind and spirit.

In class we will focus on a pivotal concept of Klein Technique™, moving from the deepest structural and energetic tissue of the body, the bone. We will explore the anatomy and function of the muscles of deep structural support: the psoas, the hamstrings, the pelvic floor, and the external rotators. These muscles when put into proper use have the ability to change the relationships of the bones to one another and to maximise the transmission of force through the body.

Susan Klein has been developing and teaching Klein Technique™ since 1972, teaching daily classes in New York City at her studio The Susan Klein School of Movement and Dance. Since 1989 she has been traveling throughout the world teaching intensive workshops in Klein Technique™. Klein Technique™ is a result of a serious knee injury and developed out of Susan's personal journey to get well. It serves as a way for people to work through their individual injuries to understand and improve the workings of their bodies, to heal themselves and become better dancers.

Workshop fee: $250 USD

Room and Board: 300-350 Euros (depending on accommodations)

Information and registration: [email protected]

Please note that class size is limited and fills up quickly. Your registration is only complete once registration form and payment is received and confirmed.

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