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category: workshop, Closes on July 2, 2018

AGITART is proud to present Figueres Es Mou, their 3rd summer workshop series, hosting international teachers Anna Calsina (Fighting Monkey), Ariadna Montfort (Gaga), Leila McMillan (Flying Low), Sam Amos & Lewis

Wilkins (TrashDollys) and Jamaal Burkmar (Extended Play). During the day, participants will come together to take morning classes based on a wide variety of techniques, and to participate in longer creative workshops sessions to create new dance works to be performed during the festival.In the evening, as the city becomes alive with movement, participants are given exclusive access to the entire Figueres Es Mou Festival.

From July 2nd to July 8th


Anna Calsina: Five x 1.5h sessions
Ariadna Montfort: Five x 1.5h sessions
Leila McMillan: 1 Master Class each group
Sam Amos & Lewis Wilkins: Three x 1.5 h sessions
Jamaal Burkmar: 1 Master Class each group
*Number of sessions may vary depending on the group/timetable

Jamaal Burkmar: Five x 2h sessions
Leila McMillan: Five x 2h sessions
TrashDollys: Five x 2h sessions
**Number of sessions may vary depending on the group/timetable


7 nights accommodation in Figueres (shared accommodation) arriving Sunday 1 July and leaving Sunday 8 July.

Breakfast and lunch.

Tickets for payment events.

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