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panta rei dans lullaby

Video - Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

June 2nd, 2016

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Welcome dear readers to our regular(ish) disassembly of the weekly news in the wide world of the arts where your favourite publication mixes reality with the truth. (That makes no sense at all, Ed!)

Singing For Your Supper

The BBC is reporting that Sadler's Wells in London are teaming up with the BBC on a new televised dance competition that will lead to the end to all wars and global peace in our time, or something.

The competition aims to find the best dancer in the world aged between 16-20 for no other reason than that's the demographic this show is aimed at. Also, because this is television, you can't be ugly, not even a little bit.

When it eventually starts the show will air on BBC4 before transferring to BBC2 at some point where even more people will choose not to watch it.

As with all things Sadler's Wells the usual suspects will be marched out to act as judges. The list includes Mathew Bourne (who promises not to award the first prize to any of his best friends), Wayne McGregor, Akram Khan and Tamara Rojo.

Carlos Acosta will be the "competition ambassador" because he used to be poor but now he's not, he also wears funny hats. Any contestant who loses their passport will be able to visit Mr Acosta in a fake embassy he has reportedly built from cardboard boxes in the lobby of Sadler's Wells to seek assistance.

For the BBC News piece Ms Rojo said;

"I really believe that this award can raise the profile of dance once again"

The AD of the English National Ballet did not explain how, why or at what point before a pointless dance competition had raised the profile of dance.

Additionally, so many people over the years have spoken about this, that or the other "raising the profile" of dance that at this point the profession should have profile so high you need a lift on Richard Branson's stupid rocket ship to reach it.

Alistair Spalding, Chief Bottle Washer at the London theatre, said;

"It shows that anyone with a talent, who can apply it, could go on to make a professional career..."

That sentence fails completely to explain Mr Spalding's career progression to date.

Curiously the BBC does not detail what the eventual winner of this competition will receive. We could contact Sadler's Wells to find out but we really don't care that much.

We, here in TheLabā„¢, feel certain that the triumphant young dancer will be find their path to future employment easier because every dance audition we have ever published states the applicant "must have won at least one pointless dance competition" in their list of requirements.

It's entirely possible that we are making that up!

[ Source: BBC News ]

Revolving Door

The Stage is reporting (stop laughing at the back) that Alan Davey, the CEO of Arts Council England, is set to leave the funding monolith to spend more time with his cats become the new controller of BBC Radio 3.

That's the station your car's auto-tuner always stops on when you're actually looking for button that switches your radio to Spotify so you can listen to music you actually like.

"Davey said: "I am feeling really conflicting emotions today. When I was approached about applying to be controller of Radio 3 I knew that it would be the only job I could conceive of leaving the Arts Council for."

The arts world in general is probably feeling less conflicted considering Mr Davey has overseen a massive loss of funding for the arts, done nothing to correct the regional imbalance in funding awards, gave up without a fight on huge losses in arts lottery funding during the Olympics, wasted huge sums of money on The Space on two occasions, accepted pay increases for senior ACE staff as arts organisations were being cut....... the list goes on.

Mr Davey is also the latest high profile arts bod to go over to the BBC after Tony Hall took the top job at the national broadcaster in 2012. Must be nice to have friends in all the right places.

What was Alistair Spalding saying above about talent and career progression? Make of this what you will.

No word on a successor for the CEO post as yet but don't bet on anybody too radical taking up the job. It will probably all be business as usual.

[ Source: The Stage ]

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