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panta rei dans lullaby

Video - Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

June 2nd, 2016

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WEEK.jpgGood day dear readers and welcome to Friday and our regular round up of the news and general happenings from the wide world of culture over the last seven days.

Closing The Shed

The "shed" in question is the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, Scotland that went into administration after they ran out of money, which is generally why you go into administration in the first place. No sooner had they gone into administration however than a plan emerged to save it from being in, er...... administration.

It turns out the theatre underwent a £5Million refurbishment in 2001 which, on reflection, was probably not as good an idea as spending the money on actually running the place.

The theatre's board, in a statement, said they explored all possible avenues to save one of Scotland's most well known venues. None of these explorations involved, evidently, learning how to run a theatre.

[ Source: The Scotsman ]

Olympics Good For .... Theatre?

Apparently the £9Billion sports spectacle last summer in the city of London was good for London Theatres with modest gains in income and attendance from the previous year, reports The Stage.

"The figures, released this week by the Society of London Theatre, revealed that Theatreland enjoyed gross sales of £529.8 million - up 0.27% on 2011. Meanwhile, attendances were 13,992,773 - also up (0.56%) on 2011, but still below levels in 2010 and 2009."

It's been a well know fact for many months that local business saw no income boost whatsoever from London 2012 and the so called "legacy" for sport, especially sport for children, is in tatters because, as it turns out, the Coalition Government couldn't start a fire in hell, which is probably where all of them are headed.

[ Source: The Stage ]

We Don't Care

Following last weeks revelation that Arts Council England was paying staff members to work for other employers, Arts Professional followed up and asked the DCMS (Department for Culture Media and Sport) for a comment about it all, as well as the pay rise ACE senior executives were handed by.... ACE.

"Arts Council employees´ leave arrangements/terms and conditions are the responsibility of the management of the Arts Council".

So there you have it then. As AP wryly pointed out, they couldn't care less. The DCMS that is, not AP, they were the ones pursuing the story, but you probably figured that out!

[ Source: Arts Professional ]


Anybody who has worked in the arts for longer than five minutes knows all about the pervasive use of "arts speak". The particular brand of unintelligible gibberish used to describe the creative work of many an artist.

Well, it turns out that type of language actually has a real name and it's, drum roll please, "International Art English". Ok, so that was an anti-climax. The phrase was coined by David Levine and Alix Rule who are artists, critics, sociologist or people which way too much time on their hands, take your pick.

We still have no idea what the very long Guardian piece about IAE is all about but give it a read and if you figure it out, keep it to yourself because people really should not be interested in things like this at all.

[ Source: The Guardian ]

Born In The USA

Many a dance company travels overseas to ply their wares to the world outside of the UK. Trouble is, most of the time, you get absolutely no coverage by anybody of anything, even from the companies themselves, apart from the odd blog piece that is.

Motionhouse Dance Theatre are currently touring the United States and somebody, we don't know who, has made a couple of films about it.

Well, calling them films would be pushing it a little since they are very short but it's better than nothing. One of them is embedded below!

[ Source: YouTube ]

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