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panta rei dans lullaby

Video - Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

June 2nd, 2016

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WEEK.jpgWelcome dear readers to our weekly round-up of the news from the wide world of culture where most of the stories, for reasons unknown, never seem to be about dance. Onward however.

Tartan Kippers

The Scottish folk among you may or may not be familiar with the debacle that is Creative Scotland. What used to be know as the Scottish Arts Council (think ACE in a kilt) was changed into something else, just because, and the art folk in Scotland didn't like the idea of changing something "just because" and they kicked up a bit of ruckus about it.

Scholars of both Scottish and English history will know that when the tartan folk kick up a fuss, you and the whole world are gonna know about it.

After the dust had settled there were many casualties and one of them was Andrew Dixon the Chief Executive of the newly formed arts funding body.

The Scotsman newspaper reports that an email released to The Herald newspaper (stay with us on this), written by Andrew Dixon, says that Mr Dixon feared he was the victim of a subversive plot that opposed the creation of Creative Scotland and they thought the moon landings were a fraud.

"Dixon said in the email: "I was warned in the press on my appointment of 'back biting' arts community and a previous 'loss of trust' through the birth of Creative Scotland but what you can see here, and will get from Ewan Brown [former chairman of Creative Scotland's transition board] is the history of over 400 artists, many of them on the list yesterday who fundamentally opposed the creation of Creative Scotland."

Here in TheLab™ we think people didn't like Creative Scotland because it was a bit of a basket case and wanted to make all funding project funding. It was also a complete basket case.

But, you live and learn.

[ Source: The Scotsman ]

You're Covered in Bees

This week saw the launch of the Culture Hive by the Arts Marketing Association. The "Hive" is some sort of resource that will give the folks in arts marketing something to do when they are not updating their Facebook page, or whatever.

Anyway, the launch event played host to the most boring presentation this and every other universe has ever seen (including, and we are not making this up, the world's first demonstration of an Empathy Graph!)

The website itself did throw up an interesting bit of information courtesy of Kingsley Jayasekera Director of Communications and Digital Strategy at Sadler's Well in London.

First of all, totally made up job title or what? Secondly he has a piece of writing on this website that "reveals" how The Wells uses "digital" technology for something or other and how awesome their website is.

"This approach, plus a strict discipline over email use (just two emails per month; no, you can't approve our copy; no, we won't send out a solus email about your dying show at another venue) created a decent playing field where digital could work at its best."

Considering the whole purpose of the website is to help other people out what Mr Jayasekera is basically saying is this.

"If your show is dying at some other venue then **** *** because we aint ******* helping you out *** ******* ****".

This is why dance is doing so well in the wider world because heavily subsidised venues like Sadler's **** *** Wells and their over paid staff are more than happy to help other people out. By telling them to go **** themselves apparently.

Ironically, The Wells' website is a dark, gloomy, boring mess and the venue itself would be much improved aesthetically if it were reduced to rubble by a massive Transformers™ attack. But we digress.

[ Source: The Hive ]

The Week in Tweets

The above mentioned launch conference was broadcast live on the internet and that gave our very own EvilImp™ the chance to do one of his famous/notorious live tweeting sessions.

Over at the Arts Marketing Association they did a Storify of the CultureHive hashtag but neglected to include any of TheImp™'s musings.

To correct this airbrushing of history read our own highlights below.

Have a nice weekend.

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