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panta rei dans lullaby

Video - Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

June 2nd, 2016

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You may well be aware of the cuts being made to arts funding across the country (in England thus far) made by Arts Council England and further cuts are on the way all in the name of the Olympics in London in 2012.

In order to show your displeasure you can now sign an online petition demanding that money from various other Lottery projects is not re-assigned to the Olympics. It's not just the arts that will be affected either. Ironically, sport will be losing funding along with the Heritage fund.

Normally a petition would be of little use since the politicians can form a polite letter of response and leave it at that. However, The Labour Party just suffered big losses in the local elections and speculation is growing that a big loss is looming in the general election if they don't turn things around.

With that in mind enough signatures just might make them think they are going to lose enough votes to make a difference. That enough politicians care enough about the arts to kick up a fuss in Parliament is a bit of a stretch but if they think they might lose their job then that's a different story altogether.

Click on the link below to sign the petition, it's open until September.

[ Olympic Funding Petition ]

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