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panta rei dans lullaby

Video - Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

June 2nd, 2016

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How much sense this particular news bite makes will really depend on how old you are. DV8 Physical Theatre, the long running dance company helmed by Australian Lloyd Newson, will be going somewhere they have never gone before. Back in time!

'Strange Fish', which first bowed in 1992, is being brought back to life for a re-staging in 2010 with touring expected to start in early 2011.

At one time asking DV8 to bring back an old work was like asking the Catholic Church to re-write the bible. So what's changed?

"Lloyd has never wanted to repeat himself. However as he has never remounted an early work, restaging Strange Fish is a new experience for him. I believe he likes the idea of looking at an old work with new eyes."

If you want to know what 'Strange Fish' looks like then no can do. The only video we could find is a ropey looking extract on YouTube. The company are currently looking for dancers to take part in the new production.

As for the new version. Well DV8 are tight lipped at the moment. All they would say is this;

"All Lloyd is prepared to say at this stage is that he is re-visiting the work. Obviously the essential themes, I imagine, will remain, but depending on casting, as always, things will need to change to accommodate the skills and personalities of the people he's working with. "

Curioser and curiouser! 'Strange Fish' bows in 2011. First person to find an image of Mr Newson online wins a special prize. Entries to the usual address.

  • kema

    pina, I take it this is your real name?

    Yes I have choreographed pieces, they are usually quite musical, very led by my right side, cover lots of space, a lot of Cunninghammy arms with lots of big jumps and very little floor work because I don't like it, with variations in phrasing and tempo.

    I have just described what you would see in my choreography, it's called description not "critiscism"

    At which point did I criticise anything? I haven't found a formula I have just pointed out the commonalities in some DV8 pieces. See below for some other criticisms !!

    Martha Graham pieces used mythology, flexed feet and symbolic sculptures.

    Merce Cunningham pieces used no thematic connection between set, music and dance.

    Mark Morris uses music as a starting point for his choreography and has it live where possible.

    Richard Alston dances always focus down when they jump.

    Pina Bausch Soil, spit, hair, leaves, long.....

    Mats Ek deep over pile, very flat hands and arms, bastardization of the classics.

    Maybe when you get back to college after the holidays you can watch some DV8 videos and then ask your lecturers what they looked like when they were performed live as they were quite different being made for stage and all that.


    ps I don't consider my list flakey, like I said watch the videos.

  • pina

    And kema what pieces have you created?... it’s easy to criticise, but DV8 are by far one of the most innovative and hard hitting companies around. Even if you find a formula (all be it a flakey one as most pieces include your above list) makes it no less beautiful and engaging to watch.

  • kema

    Most DV8 pieces usually have:

    a tight unison section:

    Enter Achilles: section with fags,beer,jackets

    To Be Straight With You:On the chairs

    The Cost of Living:Big group on the grass

    A virtuoso section:

    Enter Achilles: Ball Juggler

    To Be Straight With You: Skipping section

    The Cost of Living:Hula Hoops

    Dead Dreams: The Eurotrash disco section, throws and falls

    Funky on stage technology:

    Enter Achilles: The whole stage tips at the end

    To Be Straight With You:The globe projection

    Strange Fish: Water under the stage

    Nigel Charnock section:

    Enter Achilles: Liam Steele

    To Be Straight With You: The DJ going on with himself

    The Cost of Living: The Scottish guy ranting on with himself

    Strange Fish: Nigel Charnock !!

    If you want to see Strange Fish buy it off Amazon


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