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panta rei dans lullaby

Video - Panta Rei Danseteater 'Lullaby'

Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, late last year, conducted a little experiment whereby three dance makers created two pieces with the same name based on the same idea, featuring three male dancers and two musicians, to see what the outcome was.

June 2nd, 2016

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Our latest roundup brings news from Sydney Dance Company, Random Dance (yikes!), Australian Dance Theatre and, of all places, Bournemouth!

Rafael to Sydney

Sydney Dance Theatre has appointed a new Artistic Director in the shape of Rafael Bonachela. The announcement follows the untimely death of Tanja Liedtke who was set to take the reigns of the company last year. Ms Liedtke died as a result of injuries she received in a road accident in August 2007 in Sydney Australia.

Mr Bonachela is the AD of Bonachela Dance Company and the artist in residence of the Southbank Centre in London.

The press release tells us this much;

"The Board has unanimously endorsed the selection of Rafael Bonachela as a dynamic choreographer for the 21st Century, whose fresh and exciting vision will enable the Company to meet new challenges in a changing world."

Quite so! There is a lot more in the press release and it's linked to below if you really care that much. Be advised there is a lot of relentless gushing and back slapping going on so remember to take your medication before reading it!

[ Press Release Bonachela ]

Twelfth Floor Tour

In an ironic twist Tanja Liedtke's 2006 work 'Twelfth Floor' will begin touring in early next year for a 12 stop road trip around the UK. The show kicks off in Warwick on February 10th and 11th before travelling the country.

The work is described as a "dance drama" and the press release states;

Set in a mysterious institution, Twelfth Floor is a darkly funny exploration of human interactions in confinement. Characters emerge and unravel in what Liedtke described as 'a landscape in which we become confined observers, sometimes searching for exits, sometimes happy to remain.'

'Twelfth Floor' features five dancers some of whom are from the DV8 fold, as was Ms Liedtke.

You can find more information and a complete touring schedule on the company website linked to below.

[ Twelfth Floor Touring ]

Bournemouth Building

Hot on the heels of the new dance building announced last month for Leeds we have another multi-million pound facility being announced in Bournemouth, a place where almost nothing ever happens!

Dance buildings it would appear are not affected by the global economic crisis or UK local councils putting all of their money in flakey Icelandic bank accounts!

The facility will be run by Dance South West in conjunction with Bournemouth Borough Council. In addition to helping with the operations of the centre the council is putting up £3Million to fund the renovations.

Once completed, in 2010, there will be a new studio theatre, studios and access to, by all accounts, the biggest ballroom in the universe! All of this construction shenanigans will give professionals and the public alike access to creative opportunities the like of which the world has never seen, or words to that effect.

[ Dance South West ]

Random New Work

Wayne McGregor, of Random Dance Company fame, was appointed the to the post of dance maker in residence for the Royal Ballet about 150 years ago. Since then he appears to have done bugger all for the company. Until now that is.

His new work 'Infra' took its first bow on November 14th at the Royal Opera House in London but it keeps on running until the 26th of November.

If you can't make it to London then BBC2 will be showing a live performance on November 22nd. No word on whether or not this will be available on the BBC iPlayer though so check the BBC website up to seven days after that date.

We would strongly recommend that, for UK residents, you watch this show on the TV since tickets range from £11 to a staggering £55 for the genuine "live" experience.

Random Dance Company's communications people would also like to wish us all a "merry Christmas". Well isn't that just precious?

[ Random Dance Company ]

Australian G

Following in the footsteps of Adventures in Motion Pictures, Australian Dance Theatre, led by Garry Stewart, is bringing a remodelled verison of the classical ballet 'Giselle' to the Southbank Centre in London.

Mr Stewart tells us this much in the press release;

"It's fascinating reworking a classical iconic ballet. As a director I draw together threads that show the universality of the narrative and how the themes might embody a relevance to our current conditions. Simultaneously I am portraying the distinctions and differences between contemporary values and morals and that of a previous era.

Giselle is referred to as the Hamlet of the classical ballet canon so certainly it is very rich territory encompassing sex, death, hysteria, gender, class and the supernatural. Like Swan Lake it is at the pinnacle of the art form and has been integral in forming the conventions that constitute the bedrock of classical ballet tradition. As such, there is much to uncover and G is the richer for it."

The show bows on Friday November 28th and then again on Saturday the 29th. No word yet on other touring dates around the UK but we imagine our Australian readers will be able to catch up with the show fairly easily. Unless you live in Perth then it's a hellishly long train ride (7 days at least) to catch a performance.

[ South Bank Centre ]
[ Press Release ADT ]

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