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It occurs to us, here in TheLab™, that despite the information overload in todays world of super cell phones, laptops, iJesus devices and so much other nonsense that dance companies don't talk about each other very much.

Glancing through Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, websites, mail shots, emails and so on we notice a lot of information about Company A but not a lot of information about Company B or Company C.

Why don't dance companies talk about each other?

We've said this before, somewhere, that the wacky world of dance, as far as we are concerned, is not a competition. It's not a cut throat world of audience or participation grabbing where one show will lose out to another.

Dance performances are, more often than not, weeks apart and the venues are, more often than not, miles apart so as far as audiences are concerned it's not "one or the other".

All too often people are going to see one show blissfully unaware that another show will be in town, two weeks down the line at another theatre 20 miles away.

The "social" and "sharing" aspects of the internet, and all forms of communication for that matter, do ring a little hollow when all a lot of companies do is talk about themselves.

Yes, we want to know what you're up to but if you know what someone else is up to then tell us about that while you're sending your latest email.

We would suggest that dance companies, with every mail out or email they send, drop in some additional information about another dance company and something they might be doing, well known or not.

For every three Twitter or Facebook updates you broadcast send out one that's not about you. If you are still using postal mail then slide in a brochure for another company, maybe you could even share the cost for this most antiquated of promotional methods.

New companies and choreographers trying to get their heads above the surface of the quagmire could be thrown the lifeline they need so they aren't lost forever because nobody noticed they were drowning.

If dance is truly a "community" then you have to do more than just say the word, you have to actually mean it and follow up with actions. The National Dance Network are almost criminally pathetic in this regard so dance companies need to show them how it can be done.

Start talking about each other more, the fight isn't dance company vs dance company, it's with far more malevolent forces of indifference, ignorance and stupidity higher up the imaginary food chain.

  • Choreokino

    My grammar and spelling are usually both better than either of the two posts above would belie.However, they are testimony to the strength and passion inherent in my views - neither of which you seem to be able to acknowledge. Is this vanity or just irritation that there are actually dancers, dance producers and dance makers out there who are not so busy looking up their own fundaments that they can look around at who else if questioning things ? Perhaps we could continue this at a less impassioned and more constructive level? You clearly have some interesting, well constructed and often amusingly framed ideas about the dance world and how it fuctions in the UK. So do I - over to you to see if 2 plus 2 can be made to equal marginally more than 3.

  • The fundamental principle of communication, no matter the medium, is actually communicating what you mean to those that are paying attention. If nobody understands your point then what is the purpose of commenting?

    What we and anybody reading this would ask for is clarity!

  • Choreokino

    The most popular and pernicious tactic employed in the rough and tumble of any kind of political, cultural or even personal confilct of views, is the one which simply bars the opponent's view from legitimate debate.

    You must dignify your readers with both knowledge, insight and legitimacy, or they simply will not read you. Perhaps in the final analysis, this is the goal?

  • we would prefer that commenters, instead of wrapping vague arguments up in, what looks like, a pretentious stream of consciousness, just made some sense.

  • Choreokino

    Oh Come on Imp - its not about sharing - where have you BEEN - do you honestly think any of the contempo-twirlies who manage to wrest five minutes paltry employment from the howling wastes that is the sofa-surfing, bag toting, Sleazyjet nightmare in Antwerp auditioning lot of the jobbing dancer would dream of sharing their tiny morsels of opportunity or professional interest with anyone else - ? No WAY!! that would be left to the legions of rank amateurs who swell the coffers of Sue Davies's little school or the open classes at The Place, laban etcetera..... - peopled as they are by terminally aspirant amateurs who frankly has nothing to say to anyone else about dancing if indeed they had the beginnings of a language in which to hold any kind of dialogue - if there are any collaborative gestures, it is inevitably Akram, Gormless or the chap who does the giant red vaginas, funded as they are by the great and the good on the board of trustees at Tight Modern and joined in their creative collaborations by names darling, ONLY names- the rest would be whistling dixie if they ever thought it would be remotely advantageous or anything other than professional to knowledge, contacts or wait for it....can;tr write for in a world as tiny and in overall arts status terms, as utterly insignificant as the contemporary/conceptual dance world in our dusty little island.

  • ok, we're going to have to insist that our readers don't post comments when they're drunk or on a roller-coaster.

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