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The above video features author Ken Robinson making a presentation at TED (Technology, Education, Design) discussing the importance of children being taught to be creative rather than purely academically. Quite a bit of the presentation is concerned with dance.

It's insightful and incredibly funny and reminds this writer of the time when an art teacher of all people said; "no you can't be a cartoonist you have to sit there and draw this dead bird instead!"

Never did find a practical or creative use for being able to draw dead birds! The video is from 2006 but still holds true today.

Thanks: Shantala Pepe

[ TED ]

  • joseagudo

    He really make me believe in dance again and the possibility of making mistake. To discover something in life you need the chance to make mistake. It's the only way to feel a life.

    So funny, I went to the doctor when I was a kid because I was too nervous and he told me that I had seed in the blood. Still I didn't find anyone who know what is that.

    Yes education and children is the future. I love to teach dance to children they are so pure.

    Thanks Ted

  • what an amazing speaker. Everyone needs to see to this. My mum needs to see this! As Emma says it makes so much sense.

  • hannahbuckley

    that was amazing. i voiced exactly how i feel. i have shared it with creative and educational friends alike.

  • Emma

    Brilliant, really enjoyed that and it makes so much sense.

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