The EvilImp™ 'DanceTV Uploaded! Why Bother?'

With their latest attempt to provide an online experience for dance built, so very obviously, by committee we have Chisenhale Dance Space, East London Dance, Greenwich Dance Agency and Laban getting egg all over their collective face with

The usual suspects are all in evidence. You can upload video, you can embed video, you can comment on video, you can rate video or you can fall off your chair and slip into a coma (the preferable option).

We can't really tell but the site looks like it's built from a, so-called, "white label" social networking platform like Ning or ........ one of the other ones. If it was custom built then it was money wasted.

Dance Uploaded (DU) suffers from three key problems that all niche social networking sites fall victim to.

1. It's unnecessary., and other video sharing websites, allow you to build small communities within their framework that look and feel a whole lot better than DU. The video quality is better, the community options are better, everything is better because they are built by professionals with skills in interface design, typography and aesthetics.

2. It looks like crap. Big cut out graphics, dancing grannies, London buses, garish colours. The whole site looks like a mock up for the opening credits of Grange Hill, circa 1985. It's patronising, it's pathetic and it's embarrassing!

3. The videos are terrible. Whatever they looked like before they were uploaded the compression has not served them well. If you start with low expectations then pass the captured video through four layers of mud what you get coming out the other side is the video material on DU.

Not too surprising in all this mess to see ACE's logo lurking in the corner. So desperate is the funding behemoth to pour money into "new media" they'll sign a cheque for anything with enough logos/backers/partners that goes on the internet with the aim of getting "young people" into dance.

We're not allowed to swear on Article19 so all we say to that is FORK OFF and something else about Cupid doing dangerous activities for movie stars!

Whomever is responsible for setting this thing up would do better, next time, to spend the money on teaching people to shoot and edit, making a few top notch videos in the process and showcasing them on a platform that doesn't look like it was put together by a five year old in the midst of a crayon frenzy!

One final thing. If you upload a video you have a chance of winning some kind of prize! Lord only knows what that will be!

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  • "if the organisation is funded by them the logo has to be there"

    Why, please? NASCAR-ing a website/poster/whatever with logos always looks desperately insecure to me. If a funder wants to chirp about all the great stuff they're making happen can't they do it on their own website/materials?

  • It's strange that when somebody reads something they don't like they call it a "diatribe". "It's not about the highest quality". The somebody needs to tell Sony, Canon, Panasonic and everybody else to knock it off with the HD cameras.

    You're right that it's about ideas but there are a lot of ways to bring those ideas to fruition. Like teaching people camera techniques, developing websites that present that video in high quality, etc.

    Take a look at the Synchronous Objects website for an idea that is executed with style and flair and, dare I say, a little quality!

  • DanceFanUK

    Hmmm, well, where to start? I know, straight into this murky diatribe by The Evil Imp and Ben. Firstly, the website design is not all bad, and not everything can be to your liking! Secondly, the quality of the videos was ok on my PC, maybe your screen needs a wipe?

    ACE logos, well, I'm afraid if the organisation is funded by them the logo has to be there, as for specifically funding this website, I don't know, but I doubt that was the case. Get with web 2.0, it’s not all about the highest 'quality', it’s about ideas that can be developed and shaped! If you read the brief, the videos are not finished articles, just peoples' ideas, nothing wrong with giving it a go, they can learn more professional skills if the work is picked up and developed; that said, the work on here currently is not bad at all.

    And yes, there are loads of other places you can go for your content, but no harm in this one here. I can go to other dance discussion sites and have a different experience, if you were the only one life would be altogether less interesting!

  • Ben

    Hahaha well they don't have many videos up at the mo, so I might make one just cause it seems like I might easily win! erm.

    Sadler's has just announced the same thing by the way, but on an international scale, with a £2000 prize and it lasts 4 years. Always have to do things bigger than everyone else at Sadler's, haven't they.

    Please Article 19, check out their live webcast of Uprising/In your rooms tomorrow and let us know if it was any good, some of us already have plans for the evening...

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