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'State of the Arts', the annual Arts Council England bun fight that seeks to achieve absolutely nothing and does so admirably and with enthusiasm is back.

We, here in TheLab™, have not been invited, we might get argumentative juices on the carpet, so we made a poster instead.

Welcome, to poster Wednesdays.

[ Original Image by Angelo Gozales ]

  • Former Reader

    I'd like to hear what you think the alternative is, if you feel equipped enough to suggest something for once instead of just sit back and criticise.

  • You would like to hear what the alternative to what is? While we're here, what do you suggest? You had a comment box, a chance to write something, to express your thoughts but you didn't. You just took a swipe at us and then ran for cover. Why not extol the benefits of the State of the Arts conference upon us all so we may learn from you?

    As a "former reader" we don't imagine you will be back to read this but on the outside chance that you will, is there a time limit on criticism? Are we allowed to criticise something once or twice, maybe three times before our limit is up and we have to move on? Do students have a time limit on criticising tuition fees? Does an electorate have a time limit on criticism of government, do peace peace protestors have time limits on their criticism of war?

    If you want suggestions then try reading Article19, there are plenty to be had. We also offer others the chance to voice their views, but, sadly, they rarely do as you sir/madam have so deftly illustrated.

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