It is fitting that one of the final video features we will be carrying this year is also one of the best new works we have featured. Wired Aerial Theatre's work 'Handmade/Manmade' is a stand out creation because not only is it very clever, superbly performed and crafted, it's actually entertaining.

As the company name suggest the dancers are attached to a harness, rope and short bungie cord which enables them fly around the stage, slide around the floor and jump in a manner that would have made Nijinsky lay down and cry like a baby.

So what's it all about? For that answer we turn to the promotional blurb which speaks thus;

"'Handmade/Manmade' is awash with surreal surprises and stagecraft. The sensory show bounces high above three structures catching magical moments and awesome, spectacular bungee propelled swinging and swooping.

We love and hate the ties that bind us to reality... Wired Aerial Theatre trick the laws of gravity and audience's perception of what's real in their own synthetic paradise, but hey, what's real anyway in an artificial world?"


At present there are no firm touring dates for this particular show but it will come back soon, early next year we imagine, and you can keep up to date with the company via their website.

'Handmade/Manmade' is performed by Vanessa Cook, Wendy Hesketh and Nikki O'Hara with off camera assistance from Jamie Ogilvie, Sandy Ogilvie and Sean Van Buren-Schele. Music is by Sophy Smith.

[ Company Website ]