Historic times once again here on Article19 as Vincent Dance Theatre receive their third, count 'em, video feature to follow 'Punchdrunk' and 'Broken Chords'. Up this time is an experimental solo called 'Test Run' filmed in the brand new Newcastle Playhouse 2 venue this past week.

Here in the Lab there's nothing we like better than filming a good solo. You only have one place to look and you don't have to worry that you might miss something. This work is a stark contrast to 'Broken Chords', which it tours alongside at some venues, and we like that in our dance companies, a bit of variety.

In this case the solo dancer, Janusz Orlik, is accompanied on stage by two live violinists, Patrycja Kujawska and Matt Howden, who do their very best to get involved with choreography as the piece proceeds.

Vincent Dance Theatre have the following to say about 'Test Run';

"'to make considerable demands on somebody, particularly somebody's skills or abilities', the piece is a series of physical problems and musical questions to be answered live on stage by the performer.

Test Run exposes the bodily and emotional techniques a dancer can use to save himself from total meltdown on stage, with the moments where things fall apart often revealing truths more interesting and soulful than the dance itself."

At present there are no further touring dates for this work but that could change so keep an eye on our listings and VDT's website for updates.

'Test Run' is performed Janusz Orlik, Patrycja Kujawska and Matt Howden with direction by Charlotte Vincent. In the spirit of experimentation we have two separate videos of the work. We filmed it twice from two different angles so you can get two perspectives on the piece.