When we hear that a dance work is going to be performed in silence we, here in TheLab™, become just a little bit wary. Music, for us, is so intrinsically linked to a choreographic piece of work it's a bit like taking the engine out of a Ferrari and getting excited about pushing it around.

Not so with 'Newly' however because although there is no music the dancers themselves provide a soundtrack of sorts to complement the movement. The result is a thoroughly engaging piece of work that is often times funny and always superbly performed by the on stage duo of Elisabetta d'Aloia and Juraj Korec.

The press writing states;

"Newly is inspired by composer Veljo Tormis' large-scale choral composition called 'Estonian Wedding Songs'. The two dancers create movement and vocal material in response to the principles underlying the traditional folk music. Re-interpreting the structure of the music and using it as a framework for the dance allows a space for the dancers' relationship to reveal itself in unexpected ways."

This show confirms, for us at least, that Elisabetta d'Aloia is one of the best dancers in Europe and Juraj Korec is no slouch either.

You can catch the company next at The Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London on 26 and 27 February, full details on the company's website.

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