A little slice of history makes it's way into the hallowed corridors of the Lab today with an exclusive video of both 'White Man Sleeps' and 'Bird Song' from the Siobhan Davies Dance Company. The former has not been performed since 1997 and is a revival of a work first created in 1988, for contemporary dance, that's history!

The company's work is based on the some of the most solid foundations of contemporary dance, simple costume, strong movement, stronger dancers and, in SDDC's case, superb use of lighting by Peter Mumford and Adrian Plaut.

The press musings tells us this about White Man Sleeps and Bird Song;

"SDDC's signature work returns in a new production in 2005. This work marked a turning point for Siobhan Davies in 1988 and provided a springboard for the launch of a major new independent dance company. Since then, White Man Sleeps has emerged as a contemporary 'classic', studied by students and performed by leading dance companies. It is being revived for the first time since 1997.

Bird Song is a visually arresting collaboration with visual artist David Ward. It features a compelling sound score by Andy Pink that ultimately reveals the call of the Australian Pied Butcher Bird - a strange but beautiful cadence that unlocks the key to this challenging but extraordinary work."

Our video feature is 9 minutes in length with some snippets from both pieces. We hope to bring you more material over the Christmas period.

"White Man Sleeps" performed by Tammy Arjona, Laurent Cavanna, Pari Naderi, Mariusz Raczynsk, Sasha Roubicek.

"Bird Song" performed by Tammy Arjona, Laurent Cavanna, Henry Montes, Pari Naderi, Mariusz Raczynski, Sasha Roubicek, Deborah Saxon , Sarah Warsop.

Further information about the company and their touring and production details can be had from their website. Check out our video interview with the company's founder/director Siobhan Davies by clicking on the link below.

[ SDDC Website ]