Following our interview with Shobana Jeyasingh a happy coincidence means we can now bring you a video feature on one of the company's current touring productions 'Faultline'.

In the Interview Ms Jeyasingh said of the work;

"There was a summer when suddenly people thought someone was going to blow up planes by smuggling liquids in bottles [onboard], there was increased security and there were raids on houses in the East End [of London].

Generally, I felt very disturbed by the problematic nature of being Asian and young and male or actually Asian and male or even female. Some of my dancers, who look particularly Asian, young and male or dark skinned, I know there were random checks on them [by the Police], they were stopped in underground stations.

I think we all felt very disturbed and there was a lot of tension and anxiety around that issue so 'Faultline' really came from trying to grapple with the sense of anxiety."

These scenarios are played out with superb dance making and some live opera singing. The company's ensemble of eight dancers providing the perfect compliment to the movement.

Dancers: Avatara Ayuso, Jose Agudo, Rashpal Singh Bansai, Kamala Devam, Yamuna Devi, Mandeep Raikhy, Deveraj Thimmaiah, Jay Patel. Soprano: Patricia Rozario. Music by Scanner and Errollyn Warren.

'Faultline' along with "City:Zen' can be seen next at the Contact Theatre in Manchester on February 27th. Full details on the company's website.

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