After a long hiatus the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance return to Article19 with their latest end of year performance, a showcase of choreography new and old from all three years of the schools students.

Sadly we only have room to show you two pieces of choreography from an evening of seven works. The first piece is 'Until Silence is Still' choreographed by Thomas Small and performed by the second years.

The dancers actually started this piece twice on the night because the smoke machine set off the fire alarms in the building and everybody had to get out. Completely unphased, the dancers returned to the stage and gave a superb performance, true professionals in the making we think.

Following that we have 'Ultra' created by Filip Van Huffel, from Retina, performed by the schools 3rd and graduating year, so watch out for them in the wide world of dance. There is only one thing that really has to go with this work and that's the costumes, everything else is top notch. If in doubt, just say "NO" to bright orange tunics!

Overall the entire evening of work gave the impression that SSCD is leading the way in terms of creativity in the choreography stakes. Allowing the students to mix things up with a wide variety of work that relies on who they are not just what they can do technically and that has to be a good thing. The end results are well trained, well rounded dancers.

'Until Silence Still' is performed by, Hannah Seignor, Robert Heaslip, Anna Gander, Morna Bettesworth, Hannah Larkum, Jemma Hill, Jodie Walsh, Juta Campbell, Zoe McLinden, Joanna Thorne, Catriona Horne, Chloe Eves, Sarah McDonald, Rachel Howie, Kjirsten Morgan-Winsdale, Leigh Thomson, Olivia Vella, Rebecca Celine, Marta Riera and Ali Kaviani.

'Ultra' is performed by Cerian Banks, Joanne Clark, Hayley Dixon, Ayumi Gallagher, Svenja Hamel, Judith Hughes, Fiona Jeffries, Janice Kieth, Melissa MacGillvray, Steven Martin, Bryony Mylroie-Smith, Gillian Robertson, Eugenia Sivitou and Fiona McGregor.

Update 12/12/07: We have added two new sections of the show featuring 'Maybe Not Me' by Thomas Small (dancers:Hayley Dixon, Ayumi Gallagher, Fiona Jeffries, Janice Keith, Melissa MacGillivray, Steven Martin, Khardine Powrie and Gillian Robertson). This work was first performed over 10 years ago.

Also added to the mix is 'We Pass Unseen' by Lisa Bibby (Dancers: Nadine Anderson, Lyndsey Allan, Jennifer Bloe, Cheryl Gill, Julie Hood, John Kendall, Isla McGovern, Jenna McGurk, Anthony Mills, Tove Ostling, Keiran Robb, Cheryl Cameron, Jenna Cooper, Natalie De Busk, Aileen Dick, Mark Farmer, Sarah Geraghty, Aaron Jeffrey, Anna Kennedy, Matthew Lackford, Claire Lornie, Else Tunemyr.)

More information about SSCD is available from their website.

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