Filmed by Sally Hossack

Two kinetically named dance companies in as many weeks, what are we to do? Ricochet Dance Productions, the renamed Ricochet Dance Company, have been in the mix for for 17 years now commissioning works from old and new dance makers alike under the all seeing eye of AD Karen Fisher-Potisk.

For their most recent tour the company featured two pieces of relatively abstract dance making. 'Real Deal' by Germany's Jan Pusch and 'Elsewhere' created by Wally Cardona from the United States.

Neither work is the the most accessible piece of dance making we have ever seen but Ricochet are all about experimentation and both works are top examples of choreographic exercises run amok.

"[We] emphasise collaboration across all art-forms, presenting live performances and dance through different mediums in traditional and non traditional venues. the company has developed a new flexibility in the way it works, reflected in scale and choice of collaborators, new productions will be programmed and produced for particular settings."

The company has just completed its current tour so look our for new tour dates coming soon. You can check out their website for further information and updates and we'll bring you more when we get it.

'Elsewhere' and 'Real Deal' are performed by Ben Ash, Robin Dingemans, Karen Fisher-Potisk, Lizzy LeQuesne and Rahel Vonmoos.

[ Ricochet Company Website ]