Our second video feature for Retina comes in the shape of 'This is not a Body' created by the company's AD Fillip Van Huffel and set to a backdrop of shifting colours and shapes designed by Brian Hartley.

As with CandoCo's work the music for the piece makes it hard to settle back and watch because the jarring soudscape/music is constantly pulling you all over the place. The dancing is top notch however and the projected backdrop is effective for the most part.

"Dance, visual art and music. This is not a body celebrates physicality through invigorating movement, poetic and bold visual art and driving new music. Inspired by Rene Magritte's Ceci n'est pas une pipe, this production uses surrealist themes through both creation and performance.

Projected art absorbs the dancers in colour and line, dynamic music propels them into a stream of motion, surging through the contortions and rush of movement. This exciting blend of movement, image and sound from a company of six dancers and collaborators from across Europe provide a compelling evening of beauty, power and exhilaration."

No current touring details for the moment because the company's website is down but check back for updates because Retina have one of the best dance company website's out there.

Dancers: Laure Bachelot, Rohanna Eade, Tory East, Stephen Moynihan, Matthew Slater, Filip Van Huffel with music by Dave Boyd and Axelle Kennes.

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