We have featured some works with really long titles but our latest video feature has probably one of the most improbable yet. Retina Dance Company's "Eleven Stories for the Body, Distance to our Soul" is the unlikely moniker for the company's most recent work that has just ended its recent touring run around the UK.

Retina are one of the UK's most well established companies, representing the very 'contemporary' side of contemporary dance. They have been been producing and touring for just over ten years now, which is quite an achievement in the rickety dance environment all dance companies have to live with in this country.

Eleven Stories (for short) is described as follows by the company themselves;

"Eleven stories for the body will be a physical translation of eleven impressions/expressions about the body in choreography, film and music for six dancers/performers.

When we read a book, we physicalise the characters and settings, choreographer Filip Van Huffel will do this for us with Eleven stories for the body, not for us to literally view the story, but to juxtapose information about the stories, providing images, metaphors and signals with high quality movement content, identifying what it is to be human for the characters that the writers have chosen as central to their themes."

Top marks for being able to use the word 'physicalise' in the context of any sentence!

As present the work is not scheduled for further touring but check the company's website for further details.

Eleven Stories is performed by Mariana Barros, Agnieszka Dmochowska, Juraj Korec, Rachel McDermott and Filip Van Huffel.

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