Following a long running battle with Arts Council England to gain access to the footage from the Capture 3 series of films we have finally managed to secure a copy of GOLD by Rachel Davies, just one of the films from the series Instead of reviewing the film we will just let you watch it for yourself and make up your own mind with a 4 minute segment from the 9 minute feature.

GOLD recently won the £15,000 main prize at the Brighton Dance Film Festival where the award panel said of the production;

"It's a beautifully made film and mixes elements of movement created for the camera with a documentary approach to capture a moment in the lives of its subjects."

The promotional information for the film explains itself thus;

"A magical world based in the everyday reality of a London suburb. A short experimental film exploring the impressive skills and playful competitive ambition of two young gymnasts at the Europa gym club, Erith. A celebration of motion, energy and the rich elegance of human movement, evoking the promise of freedom and power of adrenaline of the girls' early teenage years."

The biography for Rachel Davies, the films director, tells us that;

"In 2002 Rachel was Associate Artist at The Place, London, working with choreography and dance. She is currently developing animated projection work on themes of fear and blindness, and a dance film with various choreographers about modern city life."

At present there is no information on when or where you can see the full length film or the other Capture 3 films.We will bring you details as and when they come in.

Credits for GOLD: Choreographed by Hanna Gillgren, Featuring Amy Tarrant and Jessica Brough, Shot by Natasha Braier, Music by Tom Gilleron, Sound by Andy Cowton, Edited by Nick Fenton, Produced by Polly Nash, Directed by Rachel Davies

For further information visit the directors website.

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