When looking at 'Big Sale' we would probably describe it as more theatre than dance which is often true of this off the wall company's work. Protein, with their choreographer Luca Silvestrini, have derived an often chaotic look at our media/consumer obsessed world.

The show takes place on a stage filled with scaffolding, old TV's and other detritus serving as props for this ensemble cast of performers to assault the senses with. Featuring engaging writing and strong performances the whole thing is carried off superbly.

A highlight for the Lab was during a section of audience interaction led by one of the performers. When the crowd of promoters seemed less than enthusiastic about participating they were lambasted by the cast with a stinging retort of "this is what happens when you watch Richard Alston for five years!" A delivery only further enhanced by the look on John Ashford's face as he sat in the audience (he's the Director of The Place, home of Mr Alston's company).


The company blurb tells us of Big Sale;

"[It's] a new slice of social commentary, Big Sale. An irreverent tour of advertising, breaking news, political campaigns and cheap entertainment, Big Sale is a blitz on the media where the seven performers struggle to separate fact from fiction. Media meltdown set design is by James Cotterill, the Big Sale soundtrack is by former Pogue David Coulter, live and pre-recorded film by Adam Seaman and lighting by Michael Mannion."

Performed by, Lucia Tong, Jason Keenan-Smith, Anders Jensen, Pauline Huguet, Maria Campos Arroyo, Tasha Gilmore & Phil Hill with music 'curated' by David Coulter.

You can find out about current touring plans via the company's website.

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