Often there are times when you go to the theatre for a show and feel a little short changed because all you got was one or two pieces of work and not a lot else. Not so with Probe however who put on no fewer than seven individual works for their evening of dance.

The range of choreography and performances on offer is nothing if not eclectic. Spanning the gamut of creative styles from New Art Club's 'This' to Jeremy James's 'Scag' from 1993. Throw in some Trisha Brown post modernism, 'Accumulation' from 1971, and a slice of rock solid choreography from Yasmeen Godder's 'i feel funny today' and you have yourself a show.

'A Way Now' by Charles Linehan, 'Last Laugh' by Stephen Mear and 'The sky or bird' by Mark Bruce make up the rest of the show.

For the sake of brevity and bandwidth we can only bring you clips from two of the works and we've chosen 'This' and 'I feel funny today' to give you some idea of the range of the company's two performers, Theo Clinkard and Antonia Grove.

The press mutterings are as follows;

"PROBE aims to bring together some of the most exciting artists working in dance today and to challenge the context in which dance is normally seen. With a focus on touring to intimate spaces, our first production was performed across the U.K., Venezuela, Spain, France and Italy where we won the "Guglielmo Ebreo Award" and "Critic's Choice Award" for our collaboration with Rafael Bonachela at the Biennale Danza e Italia 2006."

The company's next show is on February 12th at Tunbridge Wells, Trinity Theatre. More tour details available on the company's website.

Dancers: Theo Clinkard and Antonia Grove.

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