We last featured Phoenix Dance Theatre two years ago with an altogether more sombre piece in 'Planted Seeds'. This time out we have some pure dance choreographed by former Rambert dancer Didy Veldman with her work 'See Blue Through'.

What you can't see in the video is the arrangement of mirrors held above the stage that are designed to evoke the 'broken surface of the sea. Do they succeed? You will just have to watch and find out for yourself.

Phoenix are at the opposite end of the spectrum from another of our BDE features from Charles Linehan. Nothing at all is understated about this choreography, it's pure rock solid technique throughout, the kind of dance making that brings dancers out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Some might call it 'old school', some might call it the future. Whichever is true five minutes of it is here for you to watch.

The publicity for this particular piece tells us;

"Phoenix present the otherworldly See Blue Through by Didy Veldman, inspired by the mysteries of underwater life. The sinuous choreography challenges the limitations of the human body, transforming seven dancers into undulating creatures that seem suspended in water. Flashes of movement are reflected in an array of suspended mirrors, evoking the broken surface of the sea."

Performed by Tiia Ourila, Tanya Richam-Odoi, Yann Seabra, Douglas Thorpe, Kevin Turner, Kialea-Nadine Williams, Kimball Wong and Lisa Whelam with music by far too many people to fit in here.

Our American readers will be able to see this work and more live when the company tours to the USA very soon. Check out the company's website for more details.

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