When you're looking for high class contemporary dance companies from around the world your average joe public will go through a list of several countries and Norway will probably not be on that list and that would be a mistake.

Pante Rei Dance Theatre, headed by Artistic Director Anne Ekenes, are one such proponent of the dance we call contemporary and have been since 2001. Over the last few years the company has toured across Europe and performed to over 25,000 people despite their relatively small size.

Running a dance company in the land of fjords presents particular challenges to dance makers since the government does not issue 'core' funding for almost all arts companies. Instead they have to exist year to year, an unacceptable situation that should be rectified forthwith, if only there were a Scandinavian equivalent of the Lab so they could mercilessly mock the powers that be for their short sightedness! (is that even a word? Ed!)

At present the company is engaged in a national tour of two pieces of work under, what the Norwegian Government refers to as, the Cultural Rucksack. The programme provides funding for the company to tour to schools across Norway bringing professional dance straight to the little (and not so little) ones that you can either refer to as children or 'young people'.

Panta Rei perform two pieces; "Invisible Dances" created by Jamie Watton with music by Nathaniel Reed and "Greener on the Other Side" created by the company.

Both works are performed by Tore Asbjerg, Helen Parlor and Anette Meiltoft. The video features interview footage with Anne Ekenes and Helen Parlor as well as material from both pieces.

If you want more information about the company you can do so via their website which is available in both English and Norwegian.

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