Rumours of Northern Youth Dance Company's (NYDC) demise would seem to have been premature as the company is currently in the middle of a creative period before launching into a tour of venues far and wide. We feature one of their touring pieces 'Flip Flopping Between Agony And Ecstasy', a strong contender for the 'Eh?' Award in our end of year review!

The company last featured on Article19 way back in 2002, obviously with a completely different set of dancers. In that time the company continued producing and touring but did vanish for a brief time when the money apparently ran out, not completely unheard of in this profession by any means.

NYDC is a company for young dancers that have not yet gone through professional training but want to dip their toe in the water and see if professional dance training is for them. They work with professional dance makers, tour, etc, etc, just like a full on dance company. They also don't get paid which is perfect preparation for what they should expect when they venture into the profession proper.

Company members often head off to dance school for their obligatory 3 years of brutal treatment finely tuned professional tuition upon completing a tour of duty with the company.

'Flip Flopping' (as we have taken to calling it) was created by veteran dance maker Debbi Purtill who, for the fact fans among you, was the first choreographer to be interviewed by Article19 more than four years ago. The video was shot during a studio sharing so no costumes or lighting.

NYDC are, Hannah Bayston, Rachel Birch, Kate Gordon, Laura Stuart, Cheryl Gill, Laura-Jayne Stabbler, Nathan Johnston, Carl Wilson, Mark Robson, Mathew Gardiner and William Dennison.

The company's opening performance is at the Dance Lab, Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne on October 29th. Further tour details are not available online but more information can be had from Dance City on 0191 261 0505.