Contemporary dance is rife with new work from dance makers at the tail end of the funding scale, for now at least. A recent festival, New Vibes, hosted by DanceXchange in Birmingham was one such showcase of new work for the emerging talents and we're going to bring three of them here to you, right now, right this second!! (calm down, Ed!)

First up we have a new piece of dance theater (we know it's theatre because there is talking in it) from Mobius Dance Company (pictured above) headed by choreographer Kate Mason. 'The Root Of It', to quote the press blurb, is "This is Your Life, well kind of, mixed up by a live DJ. A fusion of theatre, dance and comedy interjected with film and an old favourite, the slide show."

The piece is performed by Kate Mason, Wendy Hesketh, Daniel Bird and Simon Day with music by Alastair Mason. More info on Mobius at the link below.

Second up we have a new solo piece from dancer/choreographer Suzannah West, currently the rehearsal director for Bare Bones. 'Terra' reveals ".. a search for security in an unknown place and a desire to keep strong in the face of uncertainty".

Solo's are perhaps the toughest challenge for a dancer to take on, once you're out there it's you against the world, (or at least the audience), so we hold the solo in particularly high regard here in TheLab.

You can get further information about this work and Ms West from DanceXchange, follow the link below.

The final clip in the video is from the DanceXchange's other resident company DAiR (which is an acronym for Dance Artist in Residence). DAiR is a company of professional dancers that, along with professional performance work, teach 4,000,000* children per week about the art of dance.

'DAiR To Be You' is all about going to a party but ignore that and just watch the work and enjoy it. Performed by Emma Goodwin, Maria Blundell, Rose Gordon and Hayley Rose with choreography by Emma Goodwin and Maria Blundell.

More info on DAiR from DanceXhange.

*probably a slight exaggeration but not much!

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