If you like your dance with virtuoso physicality then New Art Club is not for you. Tom Roden and Pete Shenton have made an entire repertoire of work being as anti-virtuoso as possible. 'The Visible Men' is an hour long show featuring a lot more of the duo's stand-up/contemporary dance routine.

This time out they have added a third dancer into the mix, Laura Cubitt, and a hefty dose of audience participation. We can't really explain what that is without ruining the show but safe to say if you play along then you'll enjoy it a whole lot more.

For the inside scoop we go over to the press ramblings;

"The Visible Men creates a world where the familiar laws of physics are unreliable, where things and people appear, disappear and re-appear somewhere else. With some dancing and some talking, some simple gags and some subtle surprises, new art club take your expectations and gently smack them on the cheek with something unexpected like... well if they told you that you'd be expecting it."

You can catch the show next on 16 February at The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. Further tour details are available from the company's website.

Dancers: Pete Shenton, Tom Roden and Laura Cubitt with origional music by Balanescu Quartet and Edmond Welles.

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