The end of the world is not going to be pretty. Finding a parking space is going to be a lot easier but on the whole things are going to be rather unpleasant, especially if you like social networking or doing anything that involves more than two people!

Lost Dog are exploring just such a theme in their duet 'The Rain Parade' performed for the last time on its current tour at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester.

In telling the story the company use the classic cinematic "MacGuffin" principal. We're not told what has caused civilization to come crashing down or where all the people have gone. 'The Rain Parade' concerns itself with how the two central characters deal with the situation and the mysterious folks who appear to be watching them.

The company say of this work;

This blackly comic and provocative new duet looks forward to the end of the world. Mankind's last three survivors are left trying to make sense of what happened and piece together some kind of coherent history - but they can't remember much and they can't agree on anything.

Is this really all there is to show for mankind's great civilization?

For the moment 'The Rain Parade' is on a break from touring but may be back later in the year. The company themselves are plotting new works and they should see the light of day in the Autumn.

Keep your eyes on their website for more information.

Our video feature includes footage from the show and an interview with both Ben Duke and Raquel Meseguer.

'The Rain Parade' is performed by Ben Duke and Raquel Meseguer with music by Jamie McCarthy.

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