Liz Lea's 'Quicksliver' is the second of our featured solo works from BDE 08. Often times the solo can be a hit and miss affair usually because the work goes on way too long. 'Quicksliver' does the job right though by keeping the length, pacing and performance at just the right levels.

The work mixes together elements of contemporary and classical Indian dance along with some martial arts for good measure and you can see each and every element in the work. Simple lighting and straight forward music keep everything moving along briskly and the audience were always engaged with the piece (we keep an eye on them too! Ed!)

The publicity writing says;

"Liz Lea specialises in the field of contemporary and classical Indian dance and martial arts, developing an idiosyncratic movement language that is expressive, detailed and dynamic. She has toured her diverse range of solo works internationally, including Europe, [the] USA and seasons in Australia. From 2008 she will be working with an eclectic and exciting range of dancers opening up her company profile , in addition to working on a development project in India."

Her next performance is at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool on March 11th.

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