'Perfect' Camera: Sally Hossack | Interview Camera: Neil Nisbet

In June everybody's favourite sandbox will be packed away permanently as Motionhouse Dance Theater bid farewell to their current work 'Perfect' having toured the piece across the UK, alongside its sibling show 'Chaser', for the last 18 months.

We first brought you a 'Perfect' video feature way back in April last year (which is of course still online) and since that time much has changed in the house that is Motion. The publicity blather is just as cryptic, it's all got something to do with time, and the dancing, music, staging and execution is just as top notch as it always was.

Prior to the shows departure from the Hall For Cornwall on June 7th we bring you a video interview with the company director Kevin Finnan. We spoke with Kevin, who has recently completed a Ph.D. (should we call him Doctor Finnan then? (stop giggling at the back)) at the recent BDE festival in Leeds.

During the interview we discuss Perfect coming to an end after its long run, switching to new dancers mid-season, winning awards and a whole lot more.

Also throughout the interview we bring you exclusive new footage from a recent performance of 'Perfect' featuring the two new cast members, Nikki O'Hara and Sioda Martin, performed at Phoenix Arts in Leicester.

Motionhouse's new piece, 'Driven' will begin production later this year and will premiere early in 2007 before embarking on yet another mammoth tour. By that point the company will be minus two of the current dancers, Vanessa Cook and Nikki O'Hara, both of whom are moving on to other things.

'Perfect' is performed by Vanessa Cook, Junior Cunningham, Stuart Waters, Nikki O'Hara and Sioda Martin with music by Sophy Smith. There are only 3 shows left before it goes to sleep forever (probably) in Portsmouth, Dundee and the finale in Cornwall on June 7th. Full details available of Motionhouse's very own website.

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