'Self Assembly' is the beginnings of a much larger piece and if this small segment is anything to go by then we're in for a treat when the thing finally gets finished.

Featuring the dulcet tones of Anthony Minghella, director of the English Patient among others, on the soundtrack Mr Lunn constructs a sublime duet which appears to be exploring the nature of human relationships, we could be wrong about that though.

The full length work, called 'Reading-Room', will be along later in the year in the interim the company has this to say about itself;

"Jonathan Lunn is a choreographer working in dance, opera, theatre and film. He spent ten years with London Contemporary Dance Theatre as dancer, choreographer and Associate Director. Jonathan has collaborated with writer and director Anthony Minghella to create a fifteen minute duet with a layered sound score narrated by Anthony Minghella.

Self Assembly is the preliminary part of a full length, non-narrative based work, Reading-Room, that will fuse music and the spoken word with that unspoken language , creating a multi layered experience. The full length piece will be touring in the interim."

The piece is performed by Carly Best and Christopher Evans with music by Kate Weiland.

The company does not yet have a website but they will be touring later in the year, more details to follow.