Jasmin Vardimon Company returns to Article19 once again with a slice of their current touring work 'Park' performed as part of British Dance Edition in Leeds. If the Lab was picking favourites then this company would be one of them for the sheer inventiveness of the choreography and the quality of the performances.

The BDE festival illustrates the stark contrasts between current choreographers and Jasmin Vardimon seems to be one of the few dance makers in this country that's having some fun in show business. Inventive characterisation, great use of music and creative set design all go toward making a show well worth its one hour thirty minutes long running time.

The company says of this work;

"PARK is an urban oasis, a place of refuge from ordinary life where eight characters play, fight, fall in love and learn to survive. In this playground of relationships, young lovers wrestle naked in a historic fountain, a graffiti artist sprays his story, a busker finds his only appreciative audience in a bag lady and a flag-waving bully rants worn out political beliefs.

Their stories intertwine creating a modern day fairy tale that is alternately sharp, funny and cruel.

PARK delivers fresh statements about our time, treating us to Vardimon's insightful humour and beautifully detailed movement. PARK is a breathtaking collision of highly acute physical theatre, text, athletic dance and funky music."

'Park' is performed by, Leon Baugh, Luke Burrough, Mafalda Deville, Conor Doyle, Kath Duggan, Gwyn Emberton, Fernanda Prata, Vinicius Salles and Yunkrung Song.

The work is going to sleep for now but we will return to touring later in the year and across 2007.

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