Getting a new company off the ground and touring is no easy task in the current arts climate but Fleur Darkin, AD of the Darkin Ensemble has done just that. The company has an extensive tour on the go across the UK with their new work 'Hotel'.

In our interview we asked Fleur what the company was all about and whether her expectations as a student have been met in her transition to the professional world of teaching, creating and touring.

The company line on, well , the company is thus;

"Darkin Ensemble write the body. The company's distinctive style is a merging of choreography & new writing. Darkin Ensemble creates dance that combines the dynamism of the body and the poetry of words. DE stretch the boundary between Theatre/Dance to find hidden, repressed or secret stories.

The company is committed to outreach and seeks to inspire audiences through our pursuit of excellence. The company's use of text and humour encourages the broadest audiences and we aim to develop new audiences for contemporary dance across the UK."

The interview is approximately 12 minutes long and features extensive footage from the show itself.

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