In our attempt to get someone on camera from Arts Council England (ACE) to discuss the reasons deciding not to help fund Article19 we eventually managed to get Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive of Arts Council England North East in front of the lens. There was only one condition, we couldn't talk about our funding application!"

Arts Council North East is the ACE office covering the North East of England but is also a member of the main Arts Council in London

ACE switched itself from being a mish-mash of regional organisations and one Arts Council in London to a national organisation with a single, unified policy for funding the arts in the UK.

However the majority of ACE's funding is still spent in London, some £130million, and the nations capital city covers just 15% of the England's population. With this obvious disparity in the funding spread of the nations only major arts funding provider just how can ACE claim to be a national organisation with a national funding policy?

Also covered in the interview are the plans ACE NE has for bringing more dance into this particular region of England, what they do to advocate dance companies based in this region to a national audience and just what Mr Dixon thinks of very popular dance related websites providing their wares for free and very well funded dance related websites that don't provide much of anything at all as far as this publication is concerned!

Notes: Later in the interview Mr Dixon incorrectly states that is an agency conducting other activities apart from its website, this is not the case.

Mr Dixon identifies a company called Tees Dance Initiative, this company is now called Tees Valley Dance.

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