In July of 2004 we travelled to ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Austria for the second time. Previously we visited for a week and Mona McCarthy was the protagonist of the video diaries. This time out Vanessa Cook took the chair and the result was almost an end to Article19 as it was then.

We should point out that this was nothing to do with Vanessa and her diaries but more with the general standard of creativity of the choreographers and teachers at one of the worlds biggest dance festivals. Our coverage also led to one of our most notorious editorials, "Dance Goes Insane". Within that editorial we wrote;

"Article19's coverage was intended to bring you as much of the festival as we could film or photograph along with some video diaries to give our readers a bit of perspective on the workshop side of the festival. During our time in Vienna it quickly became obvious that a lot of what we were watching, in terms of the performance side of things, was less than stimulating and appeared to have all the creative energy of a can of motor oil.

Article19 also had issues with some of the teaching at the workshops where again the creative energy was lacking in both variety and progression. In the end we had to admit defeat and pull the plug on our coverage."

There are several video diaries, numerous photo galleries and a couple of 8 Tension performances for you to watch by clicking on the link below. The coverage remains wrapped in the old Article19 design as updating all of that material is a little pointless and we would prefer it to remain within the old livery for the sake of posterity.

So watch and enjoy and take a short glance back in time to a festival that sorely tested the desire of The Lab™ to continue doing its work.

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