Adding to the eclectic mix of work at the British Dance Edition we have Freshmess, the Scottish breakdance/hip-hop company performing side by side with such luminaries as Michael Clarke and Rafael Bonachela.

Featuring six dancers and one live DJ the show is a mix of contemporary choreography and the more traditional break dancing we all know and love (or hate depending on your point of view). Here in the Lab we much prefer the hybrid stuff and compared to the two pieces surrounding this one on the triple bill it was certainly more refreshing and more entertaining.

The Scottish Arts Council says of Freshmess;

"Founded in 1996 by artistic director Allan Irvine and fellow dancer Wallace Sulley, Freshmess perform and teach a unique blend of contemporary dance and hip hop.

The company's focus is centred on an interest in hip hop and street dance, and with a professional dance background the company has created an innovative and accessible form of movement which appeals to all age groups.

The movements Freshmess perform and teach are derived from the original hip hop styles, such as Toprock, Uprock, Bboying, Lockin' and the many Poppin' styles.

Working with a wide range of choreographers such as Frank McConnell, Paul Joseph, and Christine Devaney, who bring their own style and experience, has enabled the company to evolve and explore the merging of different dance styles which is unique to their work."

The company will be touring later in the year, you can get more information by contacting them via Dancebase in Edinburgh.

Performed by: Jade Adamson, Claire Benson, Matt Foster, Allan Irvine, Jillian Thompson, Tony Mills and DJ Wallace Sulley.

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