Almost all of the major dance schools in the UK, the contemporary ones that is, have their own graduate company and London Contemporary Dance School is no different, theirs is called EDge and we have them here just for you, our dear readers.

The company is a 10 strong ensemble of some of the best and brightest from the schools graduate year. EDge, like all graduate companies, is designed to give the dancers the experience of working and touring in a fully fledged company. The only difference with EDge is that the dancer's don't get paid (not that much different from working in the profession then? Ed!)

During their tenure the dancers work with top flight choreographers, tour across the UK and overseas (sometimes) and, hopefully, gain the experience necessary to get a job with a company when it's all over. Keep a sharp eye out for them in a regular company in a theatre near you at some point in the near future.

We caught up with the company prior to their show in Hexham in the North of England. As the company were doing a pre-perfromance run they are not in costume but this is contemporary dance we're talking about so the costumes hardly matter.

The video features snippets from 'Bank' choreographed by Siobhan Davies and 'The Only Daughter' by Conor Doyle.

Dancers are as follows; Nick Lawson, Natascha Falter, Chris Rook, Matthew Slater, Esther Kaijim, Laure Bachelot, Claire Talbot, Tory East, Petra Soor and Jung-A Jung.

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